Off-line Content Creation

As with a lot of things in my RTFM, this one came from Ginkgo Street. Eventually, I'll add some information and instructions on spinning up a Grav site symlinked to a master repo but for now this will work. As this document is a copypasta of Ginkgo documentation, this information is most certainly out of date. Please visit for current documentation.

  • Use git to edit content in a development environment.
  • Structure commits meaningfully.
  • Use branches and Pull-Requests.

Create a Grav Base-install

$ composer create-project --no-dev getgrav/grav project-dir/

$ cd project-dir

$ bin/gpm self-upgrade -y

  • upgrade after installing via composer because sometimes composer package is not up to date with the Stable release.

Clone the Instance Repo

Remove the default user/ directory and replace it with the git-sync'd repo:

$ cd project-dir/

$ rm -rf user/

$ git clone user

Confirm that the user/localhost directory exists. If not, follow the instructions for adding the dev-env config to the content repo.

Optional: pull-down the user/accounts directory, or else you will have to create a login for yourself.

$ rsync -rv rtfm:/home/fis/public_html/user/accounts user/

Otherwise, you can create a login from /admin, or use the cli:

$ bin/plugin login

Create a .gitignore file

  1. Create the file by doing a touch .gitignore

  2. Update the file by doing nano .gitignore and adding:


PHP built-in server

You can create a bash function to put in your .bash_aliases or .profile if you're on a Mac and don't have a .bashrc or .bash_aliases file.

grav-server() {
    test -z "$1" && docroot='./' || docroot="$1"
    test -z "$2" && port=8675 || port=$2
    php -S localhost:"$port" -t "$docroot" "$docroot"/system/router.php
alias startgrav='grav-server'

Both arguments are optional, using the current directory and the port 8947 by default.

$ grav-server /var/www/grav 8888

mzd☯ artichoke :>grav-server 
PHP 7.2.10-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 Development Server started at Fri Feb  8 23:10:21 2019
Listening on http://localhost:8888
Document root is /var/www/grav
Press Ctrl-C to quit.