Project Setup

This document is a copypasta of the Ginkgo Street Labs Grav Project Setup guide. This information is most certainly out of date. Please visit for current documentation.


Create a user and set-up the web-root, including permissions.

You can re-run the permissions with docs-user facls.


Create grav instances using the Ginkgo Street Labs template.


  • create a repo on github, initialized with a
  • create a personal access token in your github account. A token can be revoked without changing your password.
  • configure the git-sync plugin in the grav admin:
    • enter username and access token.
    • enter the repo URL.
    • enable the Webhook Secret
    • Configure the Webhook on the repo following the instructions in gitsync, including the secret provided by git-sync.
    • Select all options for folders to sync for git-sync
  • On the github landing page for the repo, "manage topics"
    • set the topic, "user-knowledge"

Add the Dev Environment starter

TODO: make this mo-betta

Confirm env vars: PUBLIC_HTML USER_NAME

make -f /usr/local/lib/grav-util/ginkgo-grav/Makefile dev-env

Add dev-env config to content repo

The localhost environment config is ignored by the git-sync setup.

Update the .gitignore (add the last two lines) to match:


Commit the config to the repo: git add localhost

Trigger a git-sync in the Admin UI to publish the config to the repo.

Configure Site

  • Review site configuration - See Roadmap: #More Default Configs for suggestions:
  • Configure Site Options
    • Site Title: e.g. "Museum of Math Knowledgebase"
    • Default Author: Ginkgo
    • Default Email:

This page was last updated: 10-28-2019