Homebrew is Your Friend

Here's what I have brewing in my brew list at the moment:

bash                dart            libevent            make            python          thefuck
bash-completion@2   gdbm            libiconv            openssl         readline        tor
cabal-install       gettext         libidn2             pandoc          sass            wget
coda-cli            ghc             libscrypt           pcre2           sphinx-doc      xz
composer            git             libunistring        pkg-config      sqlite

This brew list was updated on 3/22/2019 after a 12- hour pandoc install.

Common Commands

  • brew update: Fetch the newest version of Homebrew and all formulae from GitHub using git(1) and perform any necessary migrations.
  • brew install formula : Installs a package (formula) to your computer. [options]
  • brew list: List all installed formulae [options]
  • brew commands: Show a list of built-in and external commands [options]
  • brew config: Show Homebrew and system configuration useful for debugging. If you file a bug report, you will likely be asked for this information if you do not provide it.

Special Commands

  • bitches-brew or brew-update: Keeps casks up to date the right way by doing a brew update && brew upgrade && brew cu -fa && brew cleanup && brew doctor && brew cask doctor
  • party-foul or partyfoul: brew cleanup -s --prune


Future Plans and To-do

I should do some sort of write-up on tor and how that's used, but I'll save it for another day. Things I use on the common are git and sass and probably wget. I recently did a massive purge of brew formulae, so I am hoping I didn't uninstall anything important.


This page was last updated: 10-28-2019