Editing Content in MODX

The obvious first step, no matter what you are trying to do, is to login into the MODX Content Manager which is typically found at www.yourdomain.com/manager.

Are logged in now? Good, lets keep rolling.

*Note: This guide uses screenshots/examples from MODX Revolution. MODX Evolution is very similar, but it does vary slightly.

Select a Page to Edit

Click on the page you would like to edit in the "website tree" under the Resources tab. This will open up the page editor for that page.

Select A Resource

Using the Page Editor "makes you feel fancy doesn't it?"

Within the page editor you are going to see lots of fields and tabs. Don't panic, it's easier than slicing pie to update your content. Finding the content you want to edit will most likely be located in the "Content" area. However, depending on your website, you may also have additional editable areas located under Categories or a Template Variables tab near the top (generally we move this to the bottom of the screen for ease of use).

Editing A Resource

Go Hog Wild

Just click in the box where the content you want to edit is and start editing! Text can be formatted using the toolbar towards the top of the window. Once you are done editing make sure to click save at the top of the window.

Important Note

If you are cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word or another word processor software you want to make sure to click the "Paste as Plain Text" utton located in the formatting toolbar. This will remove the extra code that the word processor software uses, which doesn't play nice with your website code.

Paste As Plain Text

Source: https://www.threeeyedbird.com/blog/2012/07/30/modx-101-editing-content-on-pages/

This page was last updated: 10-28-2019