Guiding Principles

These guiding principles inform how I show up in all aspects of my work and life, setting the expectations I have for myself and how I might interact with the world and the people in it. Understanding these things about myself serves as a compass to holistically pilot me through life.

Act with Authenticity

Be a person with integrity and endeavor to do what's right by myself and others. Strive to leave the world a better place when I'm gone, or at least not a worse place for having been here. Seek to understand others, and to be understood. Have empathy and compassion for and be considerate and respectful of others.

Be Curious

Explore the world intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Learn, discover, and evolve as a human being, in my career, and at play. Try new things, and be okay with sucking at them. Remember that experience is a thing one only gets, right after one needs it.

Reuse and Conserve

The world already has enough stuff in it, and chances are someone has that thing that I'm looking for and has barely used it. And really, do I need that thing anyway? Live with a minimal amount of belongings, within reason. Actively simplify my life.

Live Energetically Forward

Make every year better than the year before. Learn from past experience, but don't dwell on failures or beat myself up. Celebrate successes, and create new challenges from them. Think and act adventurously and unconventionally. Commit to exploring new perspectives.

This page was last updated: 11-6-2019