UX/UI Designer Job Info and Ideas

Originally captured in a Google doc, these are some of the notes I made for myself when I first made the decision to pivot my career trajectory towards UX/UI Design. I did this research in the first part of the UX/UI Design Certificate Program I took at BDA, and it's mostly resume and portfolio ideas.


This seems like a good article to start with:



Good portfolio examples

Portfolio website intro copy

as a multidisciplinary designer with a focus
on experience design and art direction i can
bring the ruckus, noise, inspiration, creativity, pain, etc.

Ideas and inspiration

Functional Resume Resources

Articles about creating a functional resume


"Leaving off dates or titles can raise hiring managers' suspicions that you're trying to hide something, which, in all probability, you are."

Apparently I invented something that already exists:

I Invented the Functional Resume

Resume Examples

Git-based resumes

Resume collections

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