I try to keep an Amazon idea list of UX design books, which might be more up to date than this list. This list might also be more up to date than the Amazon one... who even knows. This list was originally inspired (and populated) after reading this article, but has been augmented with recommendations from friends, UX and dev professionals, people who have interviewed me, and others. As of March 29, 2020 this list has not been curated, organized, or ordered in any way.

Big Picture and Essential Reading

Designing Web Usability and About Face were recommended to by Dean Rizzuto, Director of UX for The Integer Group, during an interview with him. One of my standard questions to ask during an interview is "What question haven't I asked, that you feel I should have?" Mr. Rizzuto's answer was: "Nielson or Cooper?" This is a question he often likes to ask the people he's interviewing, though he didn't ask me. His reasoning is that based on the answer, he could tell a lot about which "side" of UX was more interesting to the applicant, and what they were passionate about. Cooper being more research and persona building, and Nielson being more hands on, testing, prototyping.

Intro to UX Design

UX Research

Journey Maps, User Flows, and Diagrams

UI and Visual Design

Design Systems and Patterns

Portfolios, Resumes, and The Job Search

Work Processes, Methodologies, and Communication

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