Websites/Blogs/Online Magazines

How is this different than the Articles list? What this list focuses on is entire websites devoted to UX, UI, and Product Design. Or also maybe design in general. Rather than a specific article about a specific topic, these are the websites of the Design Universe.

This is the top 10 as found in this article, and they seem a-pretty-pretty good from what I have seen elsewhere and in my own experience. These websites are essentially blogs or web zines dedicated to the UX process.

  1. A List Apart
  2. Intechnic UX Blog
  3. Boxes and Arrows
  4. Nielsen Norman Group
  5. Smashing Magazine
  6. Usabilla
  7. UX Booth
  8. UX Magazine
  9. UX Movement
  10. UXPin

But didn't that article say "Top 30" websites? It did, indeed. Here's the rest of the list...

This page was last updated: 4-16-2020