UX/UI Design Resources

This will eventually need to be broken down to separate pages by category, or something. But for now it can be a big-ass list.

Education and Learning

UX/UI Design Tools


Soup to nuts, industry standard UX/UI design tool. Does all the shit, but it has some weird nuances.

Make Sketch Great Again

Adobe XD

The biggest player in the design game's entry into the XD space, more intuitive than Sketch but scuttlebutt is that it's lacking in some features compared to other tools. https://www.adobe.com/products/xd.html


Collaborative. New player on the block. Seems to be a lot of buzz around this tool. https://www.figma.com/


I don't no nothing about this tool really, except that they sent me WAY to many emails. https://www.uxpin.com/


Can be used for user workflows and diagramming. I think this is similar to Gliffy, which I've used for sitemaps, information diagrams, server infrastructure modeling, and shit like that there. https://www.draw.io/


Great for quick and dirty lo-fi wireframing, with simple prototyping functionality. Not good (or really even possible to be used) for hi-fidelity UI design. Has a "sketch" display mode that make all elements look hand-drawn, so it's nice for early client presentations where you don't want the client to get hung up on design details. Use Balsamiq (Comic) Sans font for this. https://balsamiq.com/

Adobe Creative Suite

Illustrator and Photoshop, mainly. No prototyping functionality, at least none that I know of. It was all we had 10 years ago, and it was enough. Get off my lawn!

UI Starter Kits


Material Design

Semantic UI

List of UI Elements

Fonts and Glyphs



  • Glyphicon is a Bootstrap thing, there's probably a Sketch plugin to insert glyphicons

Google Fonts

User Testing

  • UserZoom.com
  • UserTesting.com
  • OptimalWorkshop.com


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